Lord, How Do I find peace?

Lord, How Do I forgive?

What path should I take?

Have you ever said:  Lord, How Do I find peace? or perhaps Lord, How Do I forgive? or,  Lord, How Do I and you filled in the sentence with many different questions? You have come to the right place to start getting answers to your life enhancing questions.

To enrich your life, be sure to buy A Discernment Journey by Bea Lamb.  It has commentary on over 200 everyday words.  One or more are bound to help you on your discernment journey.  A Discernment Journey is available at all the online bookstores in paperback and online.


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A DISCERNMENT JOURNEY is now on the market and is  available  for all to read and enjoy.  Next will be work books to support the process of getting to know ourselves and thereby know God.

There are many different paths to God. The spiritual journeys for each of us is unique–no two are even remotely alike. When I started on my journey, it  brought  me pain, sorrow, joy, surprise and peace.  What have you found?

Be sure to come back from time to time to this WEB site. It is in its infancy and will grow with input from everyone who emails me.

I look forward to hearing from you.