The Author

Bea Lamb is a retired successful businesswoman. She managed many diverse individuals in a large Corporation and was always interested in why each person\’s triggers for growth were different in the identical working environment. After retirement, Bea decided to stop looking at others and to look at myself. She started slowing, taking a subject like anger, and writing what she honestly thought and how she genuinely felt. As she looked into her heart, she was often not happy with what she found. However, when Bea decided to change, slowly, she became a peaceful, loving and happy woman. This beautiful transition made her want to share her findings and wrote this easy to read book.

Bea quickly understood there are many different paths to God and peace. The spiritual journey for each of us is unique–no two are even remotely alike. Bea found pain, sorrow, joy, surprise and peace on her journey. What will you find?  Read, think and learn.