book-cover-smallA Discernment Journey has the sole purpose of triggering thought that leads to knowing ourselves so we may grow close to God. The book consists of the author’s personal discernment commentary on everyday words. As the author took time to examine her beliefs on peace, anger, compassion and over 200 more themes, she discovered her authentic self. She became happy, lovable and content despite life’s ebbs and flows. A Discernment Journey is an attempt to assist others on their spiritual journeys. You will find some commentary misses the mark for you. However, I am sure there will be subjects that will make you think and grow. Enjoy your journey as you read A Discernment Journey by Bea Lamb.

The topic of truly knowing one’s self is not discussed nearly as much as it should be. Churches and preachers are largely focused on teaching people how to know God, when not knowing ourselves is often what impedes a personal relationship with Christ and a healthy spiritual life.

The book is written with busy people in mind. The commentary is purposely brief so it can be read quickly and thought about while taking a shower, driving in the car, before sleep…


Book Excerpt


Oh what a gift it is to be wise. I think the highest reward we can be given is to gain understanding and then have the strength to live by what we know is truth. As far as I am concerned, living wisely is not easy especially when we begin our search for self-knowledge that leads to spiritual growth. I used to think that wisdom meant intelligence. Well, I think we all know that intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with wisdom. Wisdom is a way of life. Wisdom is knowing the truth and living by the truth. Wisdom means not just understanding love, but loving. Wisdom is living a virtuous life—not wanting to live a virtuous life.

I have found to life wisely, we need to know when to talk and when to be silent and then, actually being silent or speaking. Knowing is usually the easy part—doing is the hard part. This same thing holds true in all areas of our lives—working, playing, reading… There is no doubt in my mind to live wisely we must become humble. We must let go of our pride and ask the Lord for the strength to use our knowledge with insight and common sense. We cannot live wisely on our own—we will stunt our growth if we try.

One example of living a wise life is from The Diary of St. Faustina. She wrote that she was able to accept joy or suffering, praise or humiliation, with the same peaceful disposition because she was able to remember that one and the other are passing. She was able to understand the truth of these words and, most importantly, live by them. Her humility enabled her to enjoy life to its fullest—notwithstanding the trials she encountered.

At times, living by what we know is truth is difficult. To be wise, we need to ask and have the patience to hear. Again, I think it is easy to ask but much more difficult to wait peacefully for an answer. No, becoming wise is not always simple, but once we practice virtue in any area of our lives, living wisely becomes second nature.

Throughout the Bible and the writings of saintly men and women, we are told to live wisely. It is important for our growth to use our God-given talents and gifts to understand and live by truth. Do yourself a favor and think about the subject. Is there an area of your life where you can become wiser? Ask yourself what part of your existence is in conflict because you know the truth but are not living by the truth. Start today to become wiser and enjoy every moment of your life.